Our Services

At FitHab we offer different types of services. Check out our rates and contact us to set up a introductory session.

Personal Training:

We have captured a very unique niche of the personal training business. If you are looking for someone to count your reps you have to look elsewhere. At FitHab we want to make sure that every session of your personal training experience is an adventure. We use unconventional training methods to help you integrate exercise into your daily life. We help you make fitness a habit and get into shape while having fun and learning something new every day. Our methods integrate MovNat, the TRX and several other philosophies. We are educators, we don’t just oversee your exercise, we teach you to make exercise your second nature.

Several ways to experience personal training with FitHab:

  • one on one
  • with your partner
  • with a friend

Small Group Training:

We teach small groups as well, and if we say small, it is because we mean small: no more than 6 people, so we can make sure that everyone receives the attention they deserve. Small group classes are available for TRX and for MovNat. We currently offer a limited schedule in order to provide the best individual service as possible. Check out our schedule to find a class that suits you. In addition we offer basic MovNat adventures through our Meet-up Group that reconvenes on Saturdays. Join the Meet-up group to stay up to date on the schedule.

Working with Older Adults

FitHab works with several older adults to improve balance and general wellbeing. Exercise is possible at any age. It takes experienced trainers to know what you can do and to help you get to the best results.

Working with Children with Autism

Research has shown that physical fitness and specifically targeted fitness education can help children with autistic spectrum disorders. Luis Torres, the owner of FitHab, LLC, brings years of experience in this field.


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