In My Skinny Genes


Hip Mobility Exercises – taught by Luis Torres – FitHab, Bay Area Natural Human Movement




Dead Hang




Teaching the class


A while back I was so honored to have Kaila Prins and others come to one of the MovNat Fundamentals class that I host on

Our group is called Bay Area Natural Human Movement or BANHM for short.

I currently host these classes now in a wonderful, natural beauty of a park in Redwood City. Stulsaft Park allows me to teach MovNat at a different level. More nature.

When Kaila came to my class she had some past injuries and she was looking for a new, fun, natural, exciting, and engaging way to be mindful in exercise.

I can recall teaching her and other students (Natural Movers) how to squat. She was so happy and excited; so was I and others to share her excitement and to see themselves accomplish this movement.

Kaila is a wonderful writer and she advocates to help others overcome eating disorders &/or distorted body image  and to use exercise as a tool to help individuals overcome some of life’s obstacles.

Kaila has not been around for a while, since someone accidently hit her with a car.

All of us at BANHM wish her the very best, quick recovery and we miss her in class.

Please read her post on her Blog: In My Skinny Genes.

Thank you Kaila for coming to our classes and for writing about FitHab and the BANHM class.


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