Tandem MovNat

MovNat Jump

Tandem Jump

Like any BANM meetup in Palo Alto, the recent one was fun and action filled. We played tag, learned how to safely roll, jump and climb. In the spur of the moment we invented Tandem-MovNat. What is it you ask? Well, come to our next meet-up and find out.

One of ther things that I find truly amazing is how contagious MovNat is. Luis was showing us how to jump and within the shortest period of time, Moms and Dads in the playground next to us were showing their kids that they can jump, too. We get that a lot. People start balancing, jumping, climbing. It’s like you push a button and all of a sudden everyone remembers how fun these things were when they were kids.


Can you tell how much fun we had playing tag?


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